Company Setup

QCIC helps entrepreneurs and international companies’ setup their operations in Japan. Prior to deciding how to set up, our team would provide initial consultation at no cost to explain the types and differences among company structures and provide unbiased advice on the best form that meets the client’s unique circumstances. Once the decision is made to have a branch office, a representative office, or a full company setup, our team and partners would guide you through the entire process until you have a functioning office in Japan. This can be achieved in as little as three weeks.

Services in the process of setting up include nominee address, nominee Representative Director, phone answering service and bank account opening support.

Once a company has been established, we are able to help with various compliance matters in the areas of tax, accounting, and payroll. In addition, we are able to support general operations as well as legal related changes or updates required on the business certificate. Companies using our bookkeeping service can be assured that all accounting documents would be stored for a duration of 10 years for tax purposes, as stipulated by law.  This continuity of document retention with us ensures that as your business grows, compliance with the Japan Commercial Code would never be in doubt.

Company and branch formation

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